Based on Barbara's illustrating series #mydailyrorschach we created the wedding stationery for Karin & Thomas. We were allowed to decide everything ourselves, from the idea to the choice of paper, format, font, illustration style, envelope and that was just a lot of fun. We even produced customized postage stamps - which were just awesome! We didn't think we could have them produced, but the bride gets what the bride wants! 

Thanks Thomas & Karin for the nice project.

Wedding stationery with illustrated element
Wedding stationery heading
Wedding Programm and illustration
Wedding invitations and envelopes
Wedding post stamps
Printed template for announcements at the wedding
Process of creating the illustration for the wedding

Barbara’s illustration process begins with a network of random lines from which she recognizes and models figures. If you are interested in this technique, feel free to follow #mydailyrorschach on Instagram

Illustration for the wedding posters
Wedding posters in wrapping paper


Illustration: Barbara Köhler #mydailyrorschach

Fonts: Gretel Script, Typejockeys

Print: Schlossdruckerei

Paper: Galaxy Metallic, Europapier

Envelopes: Fashion Purple, Blanke

Post stamps: Meine Marke, Österreichische Staatsdruckerei