Thomas Kräftner, a longtime friend, professional colleague and one of the best WordPress developers asked us if we could do the web design for ROFA is a leading provider of petroleum analyzers. A large number of highly technical products, lists and tables had to be created and presented in a user-friendly manner. Thanks to our love of structure and lists, we really enjoyed this project a lot! 

Webdesign of the homepage of
Webdesign of a product site of
Webdesign of a product site of for mobile devices.
Webdesign of a product overview page of

ROFA is the leading supplier of petroleum analyzers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Webdesign of the contact page of
Webdesign of the page "Standards" of


Client: ROFA Laboratory & Process Analyzers GmbH

Project Management: Thomas Kräftner

Development: Thomas Kräftner

Fonts: MonoSpec and the browser's default font (Open Sans in the designs)

Software: Sketch | Zeplin

Keyvisual: iStock © Hirkophoto 

Product images: provided by the client