Bund Österreichischer Braumeister und Brauereitechniker is an association with around 450 members from the brewing industry. Their goals are to raise awareness, strengthen their network and build a strong force within the brewery sector.

It was a great pleasure to be part of the team: Josef Rettenwender developing the website and Sandra Zimmermann briefing us about the needs of the club. Many hours of work went into the wireframe concept, re-design and development and we are proud of the result.

Please take a look at the new website at braumeisterbund.at

Screenshot of homepage on desktop and mobile from braumeisterbund.at

The website shows the club's history and provides features like an extensive membership lister and an event calendar

Design of the event lister of braumeisterbund.at
Design of event teasers on braumeisterbund.at

The color system was influenced by ingredients used in the brewing industry

Color concept for braumeisterbund.at
Vector illustration used on the homepage of braumeisterbund.at

The main logo brand, a smaller variant and a custom icon set guarantee a consistent look and feel across the site

Logo redesign for Bund Österreichischer Braumeister und Brauereitechniker
White logo for braumeisterbund.at
Logo with description text
Navigation system with custom icons for braumeisterbund.at


Client: Bund Österreichischer Braumeister und Brauereitechniker

Coordination and concept on client side: Sandra Zimmermann

Development: Josef Rettenwender

Fonts: Gazpacho and Aestetico

Software and Resources: Balsamiq Wireframes | Sketch | Zeplin | Google Material Design