railindustry.at presents Austrian companies and research organizations involved in the rail industry. The platform was developed together with our partners from acolono who were responsible for development and ongoing maintenance and Spirit Design who created the amazing 3D graphics that give the website its distinctive look.

Information architecture, content structure and design language were well prepared. It is a Drupal site with an administration system and different user roles.

Thanks to acolono, who showed initiative when submitting the project, we were able to win two awards for railindustry.at.

railindustry.at Webdesign – Homepage
railindustry.at Webdesign – 3D-view of a demo city and railway infrasctructure
railindustry.at Webdesign – two mobile screens
railindustry.at Webdesign – graphics for fields of activity
railindustry.at Webdesign – two mobile screen designs
railindustry.at Webdesign – About page

The website has won two Splash Awards for the best Drupal projects and the Web Excellence Award in the Transportation Websites category.

railindustry.at Webdesignexample and Awards


Client: Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie (BMK)

Project Management: ast+nebel

Development: acolono

Fonts: Rubik Mono One and Raleway

Software: Balsamiq Wireframes | Sketch | Zeplin | Drupal

3D Renderings: Spirit Design