Eva and Stefan Buchsteiner have built a fabulous wunderkammer in their old wooden house in Annaberg Lungötz – an art studio with a shop, all objects passionately hand crafted and made from natural materials. Stefan is a wood carver and creates tailor-made object for his local customers: Krampus masks, statues and reliefs. Eva builds decorative objects, made of driftwood and clay and also dishes and cups. It is definitely worth a visit!

Come by at the Handwerksatelier Lungötz (see location on Google Maps) or visit them on Facebook or Instagram

Logodesign for Handwerksatelier Lungötz
Eva und Stefan Buchsteiner
Visitenkartenentwurf für das Handerweksatelier Lungötz
Stefan Buchsteiner beim Schnitzen
Perchtenmaske von Stefan Buchsteiner
Icon für das Handewerksatelier Lungötz
Keramikkugeln von Eva Buchsteiner als Dekorationsobjekt
Label für das Handewerksatelier Lungötz

We loved the idea of creating a linocut logo version to show passion for the craft right through the logo design.

Linoldruckplatte mit Logodesign
Paper Bag with Logo Print


Client: Stefan and Eva Buchsteiner / Handwerksatelier Lungötz

Software: Adobe Illustrator

Technique: Linocut and linoprint