We were able to carry out the website relaunch for and together with the Evangelical Superintendent in Vienna. Therefore we have set up a Drupal website with news and event management, extensive user and role management and a user-friendly visual design in the colors of the Evangelical Church.

After completing the project for the Evangelical Superintendent, we were also able to implement some smaller websites for parishes such as the parish of Leopoldstadt & Brigittenau, Neubau / Fünfhaus, Simmering, Hütteldorf, Hietzing, Ottakring, Donaustadt and Liesing

A big thank you goes to Martina Schomaker for the appreciative, funny and fruitful cooperation and to acolono for the technical implementation and ongoing maintenance of all listed websites.

evang-wien.at – homepage design
evang-wien.at – website colors
evang-wien.at – mobile screen design
evang-wien.at – homepage design detail
evang-wien.at – illustrated map of curch locations
evang-wien.at – news website design


Client: Evangelische Superintendentur A.B. Wien

Project Coordinator on the customer side: Martina Schomaker

Website development & ongoing maintenance: acolono

Images: Headerimage: Redfish Lake at Night © Charles Knowles; Dr. Ines Charlotte Knoll & Mag. Hansjörg Lein: provided by customer; Event Teaser Images: Stones in Balance © Ralf Kunze, Grain © yunjeong, Kinderaktion © Pfarrer Mag. Marco Uschmann, News Teaser Images: Flags © Evangelische Superintendentur A.B. Wien, Daisy © Katrin Baustmann, People at Blessing © Evangelische Superintendentur A.B. Wien;

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