Marion Heinzelmann and Regina Ofner founded whosoo to help people find a job that suits their personality. In times of the corona pandemic, they developed a DIY coaching process that enables clients finding out which work environment is healthy and inspiring according to their personality. For this process, the customers need to discover and name their own needs. Many video tutorials, a workbook and utensils were created and put together in what is known as the SpurwechslerBox and sent to customers.

Dear Marion and dear Regina! Working with you was and is an enrichment for all of us. Thank you for the good cooperation and your trust in our work.

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whosoo Logo and Claim "Endlich mal die Spur wechseln"

Whosoo is all about the profile of people and their diverse strengths. To reflect this, we have created an expressive and playful corporate design with a lot of color and patterns.

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Client: whosoo GmbH

Font: Museo Sans

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