Dr. Werner Friedl is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine. For us laypeople, it is preoccupation with the patient's mental life. So we tried to create a symbol for a soul. It should appear fleeting, organic, intangible and we found this characteristics in a slice of a stone. A cut agate had the perfect grain and shape. 

The shape is also reminiscent of an ear, some say a cross section through the brain and we are fine with that, because these symbols also go very well with the work of a psychiatrist.

Dr. Werner Friedl himself has a slightly artistic soul and to do justice to this, we gave him the opportunity to personalize his stationery with different colored stamps.

Logosymbol of Dr. Werner Friedl

The symbol reminds of a soul, an ear or a cross section through the brain

Stationery of Dr. Werner Friedl
Detail of printed business cards of Dr. Werner Friedl
Logodesign Dr. Werner Friedl
Detail of envelope of Dr. Werner Friedl
Detail of envelopes of Dr. Werner Friedl


Client: Dr. Werner Friedl

Print: Infinitive Factory

Font: Corporate S

Paper: Pur Coton Cocaine

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign