Barbara Köhler grew up on the Astlehen farm in Forstau in Salzburg. For this reason we had the honor of designing and planning everything around the website 👷. The beginnings of tourism on our farm in back in the days were very exciting, therefore we have given this topic its own space in an online chronicle.

The funny farmer on our overview page is Barbara's brother and owner Christian. He runs the farm and rents one apartment and a double room to tourists. Mother Barbara takes care of the guests with a lot of passion.

Special thanks go to one of our long-term guests, the Raab family, who provided us with their incredible holiday pictures from the 1970s. - screenshot of homepage - picture of the farm - mobile screenshots

Clean up! Guests are coming! There was always a lot of excitement in the house before new guests arrived. - first tourists in the 1970s at the farm – a screenshot of the chronicle page

When the first guest arrived, there were still no proper stairs to the upper floors. The lady called it the "chicken ladder" that she had to climb to get to her bedroom. - mobile screens of chronicle page - first tourists in the 1970s at the farm – the color palette - picture of the farm and the surrounding meadows and forest - logo - mobile screens of apartment details page - mobile screens of apartment floor plan


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